3 differences between ordinary medical bandages and elastic bandages:

1. The elastic bandage has soft texture and high elasticity;

2. The elastic bandage has good air permeability;

3, the ordinary medical bandage is mainly gauze bandage, the use is mainly in the wound bandage and fixation; the main role of elastic bandage is for the lower limb varicose veins, orthopedics and other patients with the retention bandage to improve blood circulation and prevent limb swelling . It can also replace the multi-head abdominal belt after surgery for pressure bandaging or general wound dressing in different parts of the human body.

Strictly speaking, the difference between ordinary medical bandages and medical elastic bandages is not very large. In use, elastic bandages can also be used as ordinary medical cotton gauze bandages, but full gauze bandages are generally not used as elastic bandages.

The elastic bandage has better fixing performance, so it can be used as a fixed bandage and pressure banding product. Some functions of the elastic bandage are not possible with ordinary medical bandages. Therefore, in today's market, elastic bandages are gradually pressing the market of ordinary medical bandages. , gradually replaced the ordinary medical bandages in many ways.

When selecting a medical bandage, pay attention to the appearance of the product. Never choose a product that is contaminated or smeared. Pay attention to the shelf life of the product. If the medical bandage is to be used for wound dressing, be careful not to contact the wound directly. It should be isolated with professional dressing products, which is really good for wounds.