8 precautions for the use of medical elastic bandages

8 precautions for using elastic bandages:

1, can not be used in the swelling part, can not be used in the case of skin lesions, such as ulcers, carbuncles, dermatitis.

2. Wear protective gloves before use.

3, must be used to smooth the folds, especially the joint parts.

4, the dressing should be carried out before getting up every morning, if the patient has gotten up, the patient should be re-bed, raise the limbs, empty the venous blood, and then dress.

5, when dressing should start from the distal end of the limb, and gradually entangled near the heart.

6, the elastic should be moderate when dressing, too loose and too tight are not conducive to wound healing.

7. Avoid cleaning with hot water when cleaning. Do not use detergents.