As an e-commerce business, how to choose a reliable elastic bandage manufacturer?

As an e-commerce business, how to choose a reliable elastic bandage manufacturer?


Is your business growing, is your product ready? Is it fast enough to respond to the supply chain? So, is the factory you choose really reliable? How do you choose a factory that can help you “turn it over quickly”?



Firstly, Look at the boss


I feel that the idea of the factory owner is critical. It depends on whether the boss agrees with the trend of the quick producing period, and ambition to expand their manufacturer. If the factory owner does not have confidence supply the product in the fast period, then the factory may encounter a strong resistance if you require them transformed into another production mode, delivery method, and ordering style. Such a factory can cooperate with the goods in the short term, but in the long run, it cannot be integrated into the fast-reverse system.


To carry out this strategic cooperation between you and the manufacturer, you have to cooperate with that manufacturer for at least three or five months. Otherwise, the factory will not co-operate with you strategically.



Inspection of the environment


In general, the factories with strict management must be very strict terms of sanitary conditions. For example, if the sewing machine of the lathe is filled with dust and oil, and the waste fabric is piled under the cutting machine, it means that the factory is weak in management. If there are shortcomings and lack of strong execution ability, then the consequence may be that you ask the factory to make the goods in certain days, and the factory may take a month to send out. How can you tell the customers about the delivery time?


Look at the structure


The basic principle of choosing a factory is to choose the right manufacturer. If your annual sales are only 1 - 2 million, it is unwise to find a large factory of 10,000 people. Because your single amount may be the smallest among his clients, he may not have much time to evaluate your business. For an elastic bandage manufacturer, I am putting a formula: Average order quantity / 100 = number labors in the factory. For example, if the average order volume is about 5,000 rolls, then a small size factory with about 50 people is suitable. The average order is about 300, and it is a bit hard to find a factory with 50 people. A small local distributor will be suitable for your order.



Look at the professional level


It is difficult to determine judge whether a factory is suitable for your quick supply chain strategy at the beginning. Firstly, check the established year of that factory, older and better. Secondly, look at the production line of that manufacturer has. If a small factory that only specializes in the elastic bandages and all product lines relate to elastic bandage, I would say that manufacturer has a certain level of specialization on their elastic bandage product, and the prices will be competitive from their offer. If the factory itself is not large and producing all kinds of products, it is hard to believe how much professional knowledge that the manufacturer has.


Moreover, If the factory updates their product frequently, it usually means that the factory has a better capability to develop new products, better technology to produce the product, and the shorter delivery term. 

If a factory rarely changes its product, and there are two situations you may have to consider with:

First, It is a processing plant, does not have enough the capability to develop the new products; Second, the factory has a stable source of orders, if your order comparison Small, the factory usually arranges your schedule very late, and the product delivery time may be delayed.