Specific steps to deal with the wound

(1) it is generally used to disinfect the iodine after iodine, and rub it along the edge of the wound. Do not apply iodine and alcohol to the wound. If there is any foreign body in the wound, it should be handled carefully, and the large and easy to take out. Do not force the bacteria into the wound or increase the bleeding.

Can (2) after washing the wound surface coated with some drugs, the small wounds can in its superficial tu mercurochrome (merbromin) or crystal violet, larger wound is not suited the potion, lest give more difficult next.

(3) the wound with sterile gauze or a clean bandage, handkerchiefs, cloth, cloth belt, etc., to pay attention to when bandaging the consistence, lest affect blood circulation, can not use hand direct contact with the wound, wound range should be beyond the wound edge 5 -- 10 cm, or triangular bandage wound with a bandage. The exposed fracture of the fracture causes pain and continues to damage. Open craniocerebral injury with bulging brain tissue, or abdominal injury with viscera, direct compression bandage or organs forcibly not, should be around or bulging out organization with gauze, towels, etc. Enclosed a "wall", reoccupy is suitable for the size of the clean enamel bowls or other vessels can protect the hood, and then bandage fixation. When transported, if the abdomen is a tenancy, take the supine knee position, make the abdomen loose. For example, the head is fixed on the head.

(4) in the treatment of traumatic wounds, detailed inspection must be conducted, not only the wound surface and ignores the inner damage, the head wound combined craniocerebral injured, the injured consciousness usually have exceptions, on both sides of the pupil is not as big; When chest wound is combined with meningeal and lung injury, the wounded usually have difficulty breathing. When abdominal wound is combined with viscous injury, the injured usually have abdominal pain, abdominal pain, etc. When the body wound is combined with fracture, there will be physical activity disorder, abnormal bone activity and so on.