Exercise tapes and notes

Method of use:
1, if there is a need, as close to the skin covered with a membrane layer of the skin.
2, do not stretch bandages.
3, first with a bandage around a turn and continue winding, each turn at least half the width of the first turn, until the dressing is complete.
4 turns of the last contact with the skin, do not make a bandage, and it should be completely covered the previous turn, to ensure a good fit. Be careful not to over tighten effect to maintain good and comfortable dressing
5, finish bandaging the remaining bandages can self adhesive bandage back so that the next time dressing and apply. Note cover the action and finally 15 cm bandage may not stretch to prevent completion of the bandage should be tension and the bandage off.
1, according to the desired length cutting it for one-time use.
2, accompanied by the body surface, adhesion to the individual skin patients had mild allergies, should promptly stop using their allergies can disappear, there is no other side effects and potential risks; damp, moldy products shall not be used.