Classification of medical fixed belt products


It is made of fish-silk elastic band, which can easily adjust the size and prevent slipping. The first is to provide pressure and reduce swelling. The second is to limit the activity and allow the injured parts to be recuperated.

Shoulder strap

This product is mainly composed of ribbon, steel, artificial leather or leather, nylon buckle, sponge, elastic, rivets, retaining ring, fastening and other materials processing, mainly used in upper humerus and clavicle dislocation reduction and fixation.

Forearm set

Using high quality synthetic materials, lining sponges, Velcro adjustment, and metal bars on the dorsal side of the palm can adjust the Angle of wrist joints as needed. Is suitable for the wrists and feet, lower radial fracture, or ligament damage in patients with a fixed forearm fracture, dislocation, also can be used for the above parts and convalescence after the surgery, to some extent instead of gypsum, detachable, to clean the skin, comfortable and permeability is good.

Supraclavicular zone

It is made of high quality webbing and other materials. The edge has sticky buckle, which can be adjusted according to the user's convenience. Mainly used for lumbar fracture traction, lumbar disc herniation of traction, suitable for the full shape of the pelvis comfortable.