The role of traction therapy

1. Relieve muscle spasm, relax the muscles and relieve pain;

2. Improve local blood circulation, promote the absorption of edema and the extinction of inflammation, and facilitate the repair of damaged soft tissue;

3. Loosen the adhesion of soft tissue and stretch the capsule and ligament of the contracture;

4. Adjustment of the minor abnormal changes in the posterior joint of the spine and the dislocation of the synovial membrane or joint of the posterior joint of the spine;

5. Improve or restore normal physiological curvature of the spine;

6. Increase the intervertebral foramen and relieve the stimulation and compression of the nerve root;

7. Enlarge the intervertebral space and reduce the pressure in the intervertebral disc, which is beneficial to the expansion of the intervertebral disc and the intervertebral disc.