Different material of body cushion

The body position mat is divided into 6 kinds according to the material: sponge material, foam particle, foaming material, inflatable, silica gel material, gel material.

[spongy material] : a sponge made of different densities of different hardness, wrapped in cotton cloth or synthetic leather.

[foam particles] : the outer cotton fabric is sewn and filled with fine particles.

[foaming material] : generally refers to the polyethylene foaming material, has certain hardness, outer coating cotton cloth or synthetic leather.

Inflatable: plastic molding, air pump filling.

[1] : soft and supportive.

The gel material  : gel is a kind of polymer material, has good softness, supportive and shock compression performance, have good compatibility with human tissue, can pass through X-ray, insulated non-conductive, easy to clean, convenient disinfection, itself does not support bacterial growth.