How to choose quality medical cotton swab?

How to choose quality medical cotton swab?

The medical cotton swab normally contacts the wound of the patient directly, the requirement of the sterilization link is high. In addition, it is necessary to choose raw materials that meet the requirements of national standards and industry standards. Besides, the requirement for the quality of the bar, whether it be plastic stick, paper stick or stick, should meet the requirements, can bear certain external force does not happen **** change or break phenomenon.

According to the requirements of national standards and pharmaceutical industry standards, the production of cotton wool products must meet the following requirements according to relevant literatures:

[raw materials]

1. Absorbent cotton: medical cotton swab.

A) the quality of cotton wool made from cotton balls must conform to the requirements of yy0330-2002, hold the medical device registration certificate, and pass the factory inspection conclusion;

B) cotton fiber should be soft, white and odorless, without yellow spot, stain or foreign body.

2. Bar material:

A) the stick surface of the plastic rod and paper rod shall be smooth and without burrs, and no stains or foreign objects shall be allowed;

B) the rod and bamboo stick should be smooth and unbroken, without any stain or foreign matter.

【 appearance 】

Cotton swab must be neat, the cotton swab is white, soft, the whole branch has no smell.

[physical performance]

1. Cotton head pulling force: the cotton viscose should be in the loose form inside, can withstand 100g pull cotton head not completely fall off;

2. Anti-bending performance: the bar shall be able to withstand 100g external force without the deformation or fracture of ****. Medical cotton swabs

[health indicators]

1. The product should be sterilized by an effective sterilization process.

2. After the sterilization of 14d, the residual amount of ethylene oxide should be less than 10 mu g/g.