The introduction to medical cotton swabs.

Product composition and main performance: this product is made of cotton ball and rod. The cotton ball is made of medical absorbent cotton, and the stick is made of bamboo. The amount of cotton swab is divided into: type I and type II.

100 cotton swabs: I type is greater than 5g; II p 18 g

This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide.

Applicable scope: this product is used for clinical skin disinfection and cleaning wounds.

Usage: take out the required specifications, and tear open the single package to use (as usual).

Note: 1. The sterilization period is two years;

2. It is strictly prohibited to use single packaging if it is damaged;

3. For one-time use only;

4. See the small package seal on the expiry date.

Storage methods: packaging good product should be stored in temperature and 40 c ~ 400 c, relative humidity of 85% or less of a dry, well ventilated, clean indoor, indoor should avoid direct sunlight, away from the fire source and corrosive gas substances, away from the wall to store from the ground, the stacking number limit 5 layers.