The introduction of medical absorbent cotton.

[main structure, performance] : this product USES the wool of the mature seed of the cotton sunflower cotton plant, after removing the inclusions, degreasing, bleaching and processing. M-type products are sterilized by ethylene oxide before leaving the factory, easy to use, safe and reliable. F type products are sterilized by the user before use.

[purpose, scope of application] : mainly used for medical dressing in hospital.

[usage] : according to the clinical requirements, appropriate amount is taken out, the M type product can be used directly, and the F type product needs to be disinfected by the user before use.

[notice and warning] : the packaging of M products is damaged and is not allowed to be used; F type products are not sterilized directly as medical dressings; Do not reuse, destroy after use; Do not use after damp and discoloration.

[storage] : the product is kept in a cool, dry and ventilated cleaning room.

[valid term] : m-type products are valid for two years; F products are valid for three years.