Medical absorbent gauze pad.

[product structure and performance] : the medical absorbent gauze pad is made from medical absorbent gauze and medical absorbent cotton. The product is divided into A - no cotton cloth pad, B - cotton gauze pad. According to the factory type: M - sterilization type, F - non - sterilization type. [scope] : this product is suitable for medical dressing.

[usage] : after the sterilization product is opened, it can be used directly; Non-sterilized products are used by the user after sterilization.

[contraindications] : non-sterilized products should not be used directly as medical dressings and should be sterilized before use. Do not reuse.

[precautions and warning instructions] : this product is for use at one time; Small package of sterilization product is broken and prohibited to use.

[valid term] : m-type product is valid for two years; F products are valid for three years.

[storage] : the product should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, relative humidity no more than 90% clean indoor, indoor should avoid direct sunlight, away from fire, toxic and corrosive gas.