How to effectively prevent the occurrence of medical elastic bandage scar?

The gauze bandage manufacturer shows you how to prevent the scar of medical elastic bandage effectively:

Almost every plastic surgeon when dealing with the wound will be charged to use after surgery in patients with medical elastic bandage, because medical elastic bandage can prevent the wound from not only the scar, but also can effectively prevent recurrence by excision of scar.

So why do medical elastic bandages have such good adjuvant therapy?

The original medical elastic bandage has three functions to prevent scarring.

One is that the hypoxia of local tissue can cause the wound suture, and the fibroblasts, collagenous fibers and stroma are deprived of oxygen, and the hyperplasia of scar tissue is inhibited.

The second is that the pressure of the medical elastic bandage can reduce the 2 macroglobulin of collagenase in the local serum, which is beneficial to the decomposition of collagen.

After the pressure of local tissues, the deposition and synthesis of mucopolysaccharide can be reduced and the collagen synthesis is reduced. Of course, the medical elastic bandage is not a panacea, it is only effective for early scarring, and has no effect on the mature cicatrics of those years.