The development of gauze in medicine industry.

As we all know, the development of every industry, all need to do market research and see what the market need, we try to meet the demand of the market, so our company can develop better and better, the following is the pharmaceutical industry for analysis of the trend of future development.

Soluble hemostatic gauze is used to absorb swelling and dissolves immediately after the product meets the blood, and can form mulch with blood clots to protect the wound surface.

Because this product after dissolved with a large number of negative ion, can activate blood coagulation factor to assist, start the endogenous clotting system prompted the formation of thrombin, and then under the action of thrombin and fibrinogen was hydrolyzed, the fibrous protein stability factor strengthening form insoluble fiber protein polymer, achieve hemostasis, prevent tissue adhesion and promote wound healing.

In the operation, blood seeping, reducing blood loss, preventing tissue adhesion, promoting wound healing, effective protection of wound surface.

It is mainly used for tooth extraction, skin trauma, burns and various surgical procedures to stop bleeding and prevent tissue adhesion, protect the wound surface, and promote wound healing.