The performance of gauze bandages necessary for surgical operation.

The gauze bandage manufacturer will tell you the performance of the necessary gauze bandages for surgical operation:

Bandage used more widely in the hospital, it can be used to fix and protect surgery or injured area, in order to achieve the purpose of speed up the recovery, in the use of modern surgery is indispensable. Depending on the thickness, the application of the bandage is a little different.

One of the simplest is a single bandage, made of gauze or cotton cloth, suitable for limbs, tail, head and chest. After bandage is made according to the location and shape and various shapes of bandages, materials for the double deck cloth, which can be of different thickness of cotton, with a cloth, tie to fixed, such as eye bandages, back waist bandages, chest bandage, bandages and abdominal 鬐 bandages, etc. Special bandages are used for fixation in limbs and joints.

There is a bandage called self-adhesive elastic bandage, which is usually made of high elastic non-woven fabric and natural rubber, which is widely used in clinic. When making bandaging self-adhesive elastic bandage can simplify the bandage steps, because is easy to use this special gauze bandage can also advance around the joint and wrist, protect the body during exercise. The gauze bandage made of sterilized gauze is better absorbent, and can choose this kind of bandage for the wound that needs to apply medicine. Summer weather is hot, the storage of medical supplies such as bandage must be carried out according to relevant standard, strict control humidity and temperature.