The importance of medical gauze in medicine industry is self-evident.

The importance of medical gauze block in the medical industry is self-evident, and the following is detailed with the gauze bandage manufacturer:

Medical gauze piece is a common kind of bandage when use the product, in the hospital can be seen everywhere all kinds of disinfection supplies and various dressings, in daily life, we often see is the gauze is not skim, such gauze not degreased cotton fiber outer layer contains a lipid, one of the lipid layer performance is hydrophobic, thus reduces gauze and absorbent cotton wool, also hinders the liquid, fluid absorption, not degreased cotton products than skimmed the water imbibition is strong.

Medical gauze piece production process involved in textiles, medicine, chemical, machinery and so on all aspects of subject knowledge, that is a seemingly simple medical gauze can actually involves a lot of knowledge. So-called skim is fat found in the cotton material to take off, it can well with aqueous solution wetting, and not touch water, made of such cotton gauze is more suitable for GuoZa wound, leaching liquid and other medical applications.

From the production of medical gauze block, we can learn the general meaning of medical degreasing. The water is boiled, and the oil in the cotton is separated from it, which becomes the cotton wool.

The medical gauze piece is very important to the patient when use, should be careful in the use of choose and buy, do not plan cheap, go to the manufacturer of unqualified quality to buy. Money is small, life is important, pay attention.