How is polyester gauze bandage and pure cotton gauze bandage how to distinguish?

1. Eyes: polyester cotton gauze is more brightly colored than pure cotton gauze, and the polyester cotton is bright and bright, and the fiber tissue is more compact. Compared to the pure cotton gauze color is not so bright and looks very soft, the surface of the gauze will also see some of the residue of cottonseed.

2. Hand touch: pure cotton gauze is soft but not smooth, and the polyester gauze hand feels a little slippery.

3. Combustion: this is one of the most intuitive methods used by the industry. Pure cotton gauze, one point is, the flame is yellow, burning smell and burning paper, burning the edge is soft, will leave little ash black flocky ash; Polyester/cotton gauze when close to the flame first contraction then melt, emit black smoke, smell a kind of inferior fragrances, edge harden after combustion, ash for dark brown lumps, but can lay crushed.