Type characteristics and application field of medical elastic bandage.

Medical elastic bandages are medical textiles. Important variety of bandage development. It is not only the cover material for the operation and the change of medicine, but also the auxiliary treatment materials for the varicose veins of the lower extremity and some limbs edema. Today, we share with you about the type and characteristics of medical bandages. Let's take a look.

High twist yarn woven elastic bandage: using long-staple cotton twist yarn to make warp weft and weft weave fabric. Before weaving, the warp yarns of strong twist are used to fix the twist, so that the filling can pass through the shed. After weaving, the warp yarns shrink with strong twist, giving the fabric resilience. It is made of pure cotton elastic bandage, with excellent moisture absorption and easy to disinfect or process, and has a long history.

Elastomeric elastic bandage: early use of rubber silk as warp, then use spandex cotton core yarn as warp or weft, in case of spandex contact with the human body. The force direction of the fabric is only partially elastic, and the other direction is only for the use of the form, which can be used for non-elastic yarns.

Knitted elastic bandage: commonly used warp knitting machine spun rayon yarns, then divided into bandages required width.

Nonwoven fabric bandage: there are many methods for the new medical elastic bandage, such as: (1) using the jet spray method of nonwoven fabric, when into web clip into the tension under the condition of spandex stretch yarn, make into contraction after net and elastic bandage. The non-woven fabric of the jet spray network (the main body of cotton fiber, the thermoplastic fiber not less than 30% of the total fiber amount) is formed by hot rolling of the corrugated roller. The non-woven bandage has the characteristics of soft and breathable, and the cost is relatively low, the process is simplified, and the variety is also easy to change.