Can a medical cotton swab be used this way?

Medical cotton swabs are an indispensable product in medicine. He can help people with their work, but do you know what else they can use? Here is a detailed introduction of some of its effects.

A medical cotton swab is a medical device that is often used as an auxiliary tool for wiping alcohol and other potions. So he has a very high sanitary condition at the time of production, and he can't have any impurities, or it will affect the effect that he USES or the injured skin is infected again. We must be in when to buy regular sing more to buy, and pay attention to on the packaging production date, production license, shelf life, the most main or the manufacturers, enterprises must find large, normal.

In the scope of application of medical cotton swabs its can in addition to being able to wipe the potion to make up application, ear cleaning, please be careful while himself in the application in order to avoid the swab sticks to hurt yourself.