The application of medical gauze in modern medical treatment.

The use of medical gauze in hospital is very much, it is an indispensable tool of hospital, it is used for patient's dressing and fixation. The role of medical gauze in modern medical treatment is brought to our attention today.

Medical gauze is a typical medical textile. According to its different use purposes, it is divided into surgical gauze, bandage gauze, covering with gauze, wiping with gauze and medical gauze. Medical gauze piece have strict rules of production and use, in addition to the given cutting size, safety and practicality to meet the requirements of the pharmacopoeia, the partial products also requires a certain treatment function.

The gauze must be pure, white and odorless. When boiling, the dissolved material should be limited to the designated fan, so that it can be non-toxic, pollution-free and non-radioactive, and ensure the safety of the human body. Practicality is easy to absorb blood and other body yi, moist conformal sex, dry with soft tactility, various disinfection methods, and easy to use, not line, no burr, easy tear.

The function of medical absorbent cotton gauze is bleeding, it is a direction in the development of absorbent gauze, it is made of viscose fiber knitted fabric after special oxidation treatment, do not use any drugs, just put the soluble groups grafted on the fiber structure, carboxyl, oxidized cellulose. Chemical with focal platelet coagulation hemostasis effect, can enter human body after the degradation of low molecular substances and out of the body. Bandage the wound with gauze that can stop the bleeding, must restore surely can be faster, also more healthy.