Medical absorbent cotton gauze with alcohol effect just right.

The present science and technology developed, rising standards of living, for all kinds of quality of life is also very demanding, today we came together and north eisai to simply look at what is the use absorbent cotton!

1. Keep a bottle of medical 75-degree alcohol in your home, and load the empty spray bottle with a computer keyboard. If the screen is dirty, you can spray it, wipe it gently, clean and disinfect. The handles, the garbage cans, the cutting boards, the light switches, the cell phones, and so on, these are the places where bacteria can't really see a lot. The inside of the shoe should be sprayed frequently, sterilization, the alcohol is distributed also very quickly, don't worry about will be wet, but do not spray outside the skin;

2. Go out for a trip or business trip, go to the big drugstore and buy some absorbent cotton, cut them into small balls, soak them in alcohol, and put them into empty bottles so that they can be carried out easily. When eating, you can take a ball to wipe your hands, clean and sterilize;

3, some people would argue with cleanliness squat toilet clean sanitation, actually the squat toilet can lead to rectocele, hemorrhoids, the elderly will be easy to fall, legs hemp, put a small bottle of alcohol in sitting next to the toilet spray bottle, it is ok to each use.

4. Medical absorbent cotton can also be cut into small pieces when making up cotton.

5, summer thin clothes and more expensive clothes, use laundry vacuuming for 20 minutes, almost do not have to rub, clean. Otherwise save a week to wash, sweat stain very easily let the collar turn yellow. I also like to use laundry detergent, without gloves. The detergent is three times more expensive than the same weight, but the amount is a third of the washing powder, so it's still a good deal. In addition, the olfactory department is fond of washing liquid, and the clothes are fragrant.