What is the difference between the medical absorbent cotton and the cosmetic cotton?

There has been a lot of talk recently about medical cotton and cotton, and some people even confuse the two with one thing. In fact, they are still a bit of a community. Today henan yubei wei material co., LTD. Is introduced.

Medical absorbent gauze and medical absorbent cotton are the main sanitary materials used in the medical industry for dressing, protecting, cleaning, etc.

Make up cotton is usually made of cotton or paper pulp long about 5-6 cm of small cotton, 0.1 3 cm thick, supermarkets sell cotton in 5 to 6 yuan, the price is very durable, better brand to be in a few yuan, sold at the cosmetics counter, using a lot of use make up cotton, the main purpose is to discharge makeup, because of its quality of a material is very soft makeup is not easy to hurt your face, when bright skin water and pour it very comfortable to use, remove makeup will be very clean.

What's the difference between a medical cotton pad and a cotton pad?

In fact, there are two kinds of cotton fabrics that are currently sold in the market: the absorbent cotton and non-woven fabric, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose according to your own needs.

This cotton pad is thicker and more tender. It is used for making up water. It needs more amount of water. Sometimes, it has the phenomenon of desquamation, and the water absorption is weak.

Non-woven fabrics: this kind of cosmetic cotton is relatively thin, the touch feeling is thicker, but because of the strong suction force, so the amount of toning water is more than the province.

This is the difference between the medical absorbent cotton and the cosmetic cotton, and you can use both of them according to your actual needs.