The use of elastic bandages.


1. Select the appropriate specifications according to the required location.

2. Use cotton pads or cotton pads as liners for fixed positions.

3. Put on medical latex gloves.

4. Open the package, take out the bandage, immerse in room temperature water for 2 ~ 3 seconds and squeeze 2 ~ 3 times, remove and squeeze out excess water.

5. According to the need, spiral wound is required, the elastic degree is moderate, the non-supporting part is 3 ~ 4 layers, and the supporting part is 4 ~ 5 layers.

6. According to the need, the molding should be done for 3 ~ 5 minutes, and the shaping needs to be completed within this time. After 20 minutes, it will be fully loaded.

7. Remove with ordinary electric plaster saw.