Top 10 medical technologies with high growth potential.

Technological innovation in the field of medical devices has brought about fundamental changes in medical care. Let's take a look at some of the top 10 high-growth potential medical device innovation technologies that are reflected in a foreign data.

A recent study listed 10 medical technologies with huge potential for growth, with a market value of $454.3 billion. Among them:

1. Imaging diagnosis, including nuclear medical imaging, interventional radiology and capsule endoscopy;

2. Drug delivery technology;

3. Molecular diagnosis, spanning nanotechnology and proteomics;

4. Mobile assisted technology;

Minimally invasive surgery;

6. Microfluidics and microelectromechanical systems;

7. Non-invasive monitoring (continuous glucose monitoring);

8. Biological materials (including anti-bacterial wound care technology and orthopedic materials);

9. Bioactive implants, such as nerve stimulation devices;

10. Telemedicine.