The use of medical bandages in life

Gauze bandage manufacturer to introduce the use of medical bandage in life:

1. Use cotton or cotton swab to be placed in the dressing area as a pad, and you can wrap more cotton or cotton rolls in places where you need to increase pressure or thin and bony.

2. Please wear protective gloves.

3, before use to open the packing, the polymer (synthesis) orthopaedic bandages at room temperature (68-77 ℉, 20 to 25 ℃) water 1 to 2 seconds, gently squeeze the bandage to remove too much water. High polymer (orthopaedic) bandage curing speed is directly proportional to the time of immersion and water temperature: if it takes a long time, please use it directly without flooding.

4. Spiral wound as needed. Each circle overlapping width 1/2 or 1/3 of the bandage, tightening around but don't too hard, shaping completed in this time the wind, polymer synthesis (orthopedic) bandage crystallized8) 30 seconds to static (i.e., ensure the fixed shape face posture); 3-4 layer to the bearing parts have enough, bearing parts can be wrapped around 4-5 layers (synthesis) orthopaedic bandages, twists smoothing bandages, make it smooth, let each interlayer get better support and sticky, can dip in with gloves after water smoothing bandages in order to achieve better effect.

5. High polymer (orthotic) bandage curing time is about 3-5 minutes (depending on the time and water temperature of the bandage). Support will be felt in 20 minutes.

Medical bandages are used for health or therapeutic effects. There are a number of considerations, including:

1. Do not use in areas where swelling may occur.

2. The main material of polymer bandage/polyurethane resin coating will adhere to the exposed skin and clothes. Please wear protective gloves when handling.

3. The product will generate a certain amount of heat when it is used, and the user may be uncomfortable. Please note that the more layers of the adhesive bandage, the more heat will be generated. If the dip in water temperature 30 ℃ higher than that of water when using high polymer (synthesis) orthopaedic bandages, generates more heat.

4. The medical bandage manufacturer reminds the patient to try not to wet the macromolecular bandage, because the skin will not fit under the damp bandage.