Medical adhesive bandage around your 'little nurse'

After a sports injury, time and geographical constraints often cannot get treatment, it is necessary for us to take some emergency measures. Usually we will use a medical cotton adhesive elastic bandages for dressing, this bandage is high quality cotton and elastic silk as raw materials, bandage skin allergy phenomenon, are combined to form a viscous polymer glue itself, so as to not appear sticky skin and hair.

So how should we use? Generally occurs during movement sprains, strains of time, be sure to wash the wound, in order to reduce bacterial infection again, will be coated ** gauze to cover the wound, then according to their own actual conditions to select the medium length of bandage, remembering never, ever medical bandage too tightly, so as not to make the injury worse. Running is the favorite sport in the winter, but would like to remind you of the small series is: exercise is important, but exercise also had to prevent the accident. So you have to have a valid emergency medical supplies, Oh!