Medical adhesive dressing self-adhesive, dressing function

Medical adhesive dressing self-adhesive, dressing function:
Self-adhesive dressing, this manifests itself in three points.
First, air permeability, excluding water vapor sweat enough. When dressing when you need to paste the material and skin, dressing well revealed in sweat moisture, preventing sweat gathering mitigating dressings adhesive fall off naturally.
Second, the skin adhesive is appropriate. As most of the self-adhesive dressing you want to paste the skin should have the appropriate, rather than the stronger the better tack, some manufacturers will corner wrinkle. Good products should be soft and light material, flexible, fixed effect, and to conform to the contours of the human body, without prejudice to the activities of the body.
Third, moisture permeability and sterilization methods. Effect of different sterilization method for the performance of the product is different, and choose suitable for sterilization of the product materials are an important part of product design. Absorbent pad with moisture for while dressings, which absorbs exudate effectively, but also ensures the wound in a moist environment.