Non-woven adhesive elastic bandage use points

In many cases, the band plays an extremely important role, but in the use of bandages, tend to have a lot of people are not paying attention, it is particularly problematic, then bandage do you use when you need to pay attention to what issues?
Remember when using the position of the victim must be appropriate. Affected limb use adapted, so patients can keep the body comfortable in dressing process, reducing patients ' suffering. Bandaged limbs at a functional location. Packages usually stand in front of patients, in order to see the facial expressions. From the inside out, and distal to the bandaged torso. Bandaging begins two ring-shaped bandage is required, so that to fix bandage. When dressing to master the bandage to avoid falling. Bandage and flat in the dressing area. Bandaging weekly pressure equal, not too light, this is in order to avoid shedding occurs. Should not be too tight to avoid circulation disorders.
Points used for bandages for you here, thank you all for reading our article and small series to introduce this knowledge is very useful, so we must put the record well, maybe then it will be useful.