Points for attention when the plaster bandages

Points for attention when the plaster bandages.
Everything will be ready, then began to operate, so as to avoid problems with temporary delays. Due to the water temperature directly affects the gypsum hardening time (water temperature decrease will slow down the hardening process), it should be noted. Baoding, sick animals must, if necessary, General or local **. Appliance prior to restoration to the anatomical position, the main lines in their limbs and limb shaft as far as possible the same, therefore, the best x-ray examination. Long bone fractures, in order to achieve the aim of braking, there should be a fixed upper and lower joints in order to achieve the braking effect. After the fracture occurred, when using external fixation of plaster, must as soon as possible. If local swelling and proper, after the swelling subsided, in space between the skin and the bandages on, up to a fixed role.
At this point, may be subject to temporary plaster bandages, which were removed when the inflammatory swelling back bandage plaster bandages. Wound to tight fit, too tight can affect blood flow, too loose for effect will be lost. On both ends to insert a finger in a plaster is advisable. Basic method of winding his gypsum mud flat, making it uniform thickness. Hardened plaster bandages don't pressure to avoid concave downward into oppressive organization, affecting the blood circulation or ulceration and necrosis. Plaster bandage compress wrap is finished, in order to make the plaster surface is smooth and beautiful, sometimes with dry plaster powder a little tune into a paste with water, applied to the surface to make it smooth. Gypsum clamps at both ends of the edges should repair glossy bandage ends of the pad to the outside, so as not to rub the skin. Finally, purple pencil on the surface of plaster bandage indicating device and remove a plaster date and, if possible, mark the fracture line, or other.