Self adhesive bandages (adhesive bandage) features

Self adhesive bandages (self-adhesive bandage)-English name Cohesive Bandage, refers to the band and their adhesion, not touching other surfaces (such as skin), and comes with a retractable elastic type of bandage. It is often used to wound the body, there are many kinds of materials, shapes, and sizes, and can apply to both humans and animals. This type of bandage is also standing items in a first aid kit, it is widely used in fixed joints, hemostasis, wound, combined with intravenous and the prevention of surgical wound movement. In addition, can also be used to control sweating, promote blood circulation, promotes wound healing, ulcers and reduce the likelihood of inflammation.
Self adhesive bandages (adhesive bandage) is usually cotton, polymer yarns and LaTeX (latex or synthetic) by knitting or weaving method, combined with the tension of gauze material. This material is lightweight, breathable, durable and excellent flexibility. Fixed a self-adhesive bandages are usually no additional fixtures, such as clamps, needles and so on. This type of bandage is usually has a lot of color, makes the child more willing to accept it. And because it does not account of adhesion of human hair, a receptor exuberant welcome in the West, of course, should also provide this feature, vets like to use, they wouldn't stick because even the animal hairs, and easily torn off.
The bandage also has many uses, but special attention, pressure tightness of binding to adjust to ensure adequate pressure within the coverage area, but not caused by poor blood circulation. Self adhesive bandages (self-adhesive bandage) is usually purchased in volume units, single volume width in 1-6-inch (2.5-15.2 cm), length in 5-15 yards (4.5-13.7 meters). Due to the nature of self-adhesive bandages and thickness, you can directly use hands torn off the required length, even if it cannot be torn off by hand, it can also very easily cut with scissors. This type of tough, breathable tape, feel very comfortable to use.
Self adhesive bandages (self-adhesive bandages) can purchase from many places, sports supermarkets, electrical contractor, ** product retail stores, doctors and rehabilitation therapists, and prices are very close to the people. Purchase of should pay attention to the overall quality, durability, flexibility and are porous, breathable. Used materials should also note that LaTeX mix cotton is the best, because cotton had better absorption, and usually do not cause allergic reactions. Non-latex products, especially suitable for people allergic to LaTeX, but prices are slightly more expensive.