The advantage of non-woven fabric adhesive elastic bandage

When it comes to non-woven adhesive elastic bandage, let us tell you a little something about the advantages of non-woven fabric adhesive elastic bandage.
Made of high quality non-woven fabrics, soft, the expansion rate is above 200%, may be transverse tensile, for support, protection and fixed, individually packaged, rich in color.
Self adhesive: use natural self-adhesive LaTeX features have a lasting effect. Automatically bonded but not stick to skin and hair products, and except for painless.
Breathability: design light soft texture of the substrate, with superior toughness. After bandaging, skin and full access to the air, sweat and moisture to evaporation, higher comfort.
High flexibility: can be pushed beyond its length over 200%, enhanced dressing performance.
Convenience: easy tear, no scissors or other auxiliary tools.
Water: water is not easy to fall off, firmly protect the bandaged part, breathable, comfortable, strong, not easy to fall off, is the ideal bandage products
Usage: paste ** stickers, adhesive wound dressing, dressing, stir stick. Replace once a day, posted before the simple wound cleaning.
Features: soft, docile, good air permeability. Can effectively absorb wound exudate, wound.