The Characteristics of ankle bone support

The medical external fixator is made of hard foam, ABS plastic board, plastic bracket, aluminum plate, foam nail, nylon adhesion, artificial leather, wire belt and other materials. By using different parts can be divided into rubber waist, advanced rubber neck collar, summer with neck collar, lift neck collar, fission neck collar, round collar, radial wrist with a (straight), shape (palm bow ruler partial type) with a radius, the turning radius (back stretch feet wide), with a forearm (straight), super shoulder surgery with a neck support (humerus surgical neck), on the humerus condyle, forearm (elbow), with a joint between condyle, intertrochanteric, with a knee, with a lower tibiofibula, leg with a super ankle support, adjustable, adjustable leg with a hip and ankle support, ankle support, tibiofemoral phil, knee, ankle with a support (small tibiofemoral phil), children breaststroke frame support, support, ankle support, femoral (plastic) shape (palm bow ruler partial type) with a radius, (plastic) with a fixed forearm (straight), forearm (plastic), (plastic) with a (straight), with a radius (plastic) between the ankle support, (plastic), (plastic) with a super shoulder to ankle support, (plastic) the ankle support, (plastic) tibiofemoral phil, (plastic) intertrochanteric, (plastic) with a tibiofibula, (plastic) with a knee, with a lower extremities (plastic) of patella, (plastic) with a little ankle support, (plastic) ankle support.