The type and construction method of medical bandages.

Medical bandages are not uncommon in daily life. They are generally divided into two categories in daily life. One is to help patients fix the affected area, and the other is to use dressing to stop bleeding. Medical bandages are widely used, and the types of medical bandages are also very robust and extensive. The following short texts introduce some types of medical bandages that are more common in today's society.

   With the rapid development of human civilization and material life in today's society, medical textiles have also developed rapidly under the circumstance of the integration of textile industry and medical industry. The variety of medical textiles is constantly innovating, and medical consumables are constantly emerging in medical The field has continued to expand and the design concept has been continuously extended. Medical textiles are also particularly prominent in the entire textile industry, an unstoppable boom.

   There are many varieties of medical textiles, and their functions are different. They can be roughly divided into two categories, one is non-direct medical supplies, and the other is non-direct medical supplies, two categories. Non-direct medical supplies generally include textiles such as patient clothing, surgical gowns, medical masks, bed sheets, and medical isolation suits. Direct medical supplies can be divided into medical equipment, medical bandages, medical gauze, medical dressings, and the like. Through the above understanding of the types of medical textiles, the following describes the types of medical bandages in their major categories. Type of medical bandage

   There are five types of medical bandages, which are five types: simple bandages, inelastic or elastic bandages, light support bandages, stress bandages, and orthopedic bandages. The material of the simple bandage is composed of cotton, viscose rayon, and polyamide fiber, and the manufacturing method is generally woven and knitted. The material of the non-elastic bandage/elastic bandage is composed of elastic yarn, and the manufacturing method is different from other bandage manufacturing methods, and is not woven. The material for the light support bandage is composed of cotton, viscose rayon, and elastic yarn, and the manufacturing method is knitted and woven. The material of the stress bandage is composed of cotton, polyamide fiber and elastic yarn, and the manufacturing method is also woven or knitted. The last type of orthopedic bandage is the most complicated. The material is composed of cotton, viscose rayon, polyamide fiber, polypropylene fiber and polyurethane foam. The manufacturing method also combines all the above methods and is knitted. , organic woven, but also non-woven.

   The above five kinds are the types of 5 medical bandages that are common in our daily life. Medical workers will choose the appropriate medical bandage for their treatment according to the actual situation of the patients.