Polyurethane elastomer is widely used in biomedicine

Polyurethane elastomer is widely used in biomedicine, which is inseparable from its excellent performance. Its main performance includes six points: 1, excellent anticoagulant performance, 2, toxicity test conforms to medical requirements; 3, good biocompatibility in clinical application. No teratogenic effect, no allergic reaction, can solve the existing natural latex medical product protein allergy and carcinogenic nitrosamines precipitated two problems, thus becoming the product of many natural latex medical products update; 4, good toughness and elasticity, good processing performance, processing modes, is the preferred material for the production of various types of medical elastomer products; 5, excellent wear resistance, soft touch, moisture resistance, resistance to various chemicals; 6, can use the usual method of sterilization, exposure to gamma ray and stable performance, can be suitable for the medical treatment environment.