PU elastomers are widely used in the fields of biomedicine and medicine

PU elastomers are widely used in the field of biomedicine and medical health, and become an important medical polymer material. According to the hard segment used by PU, the development of PU can be divided into three generations. The first generation PU is aromatic diisocyanate as hard segment, the second generation PU is aliphatic diisocyanate as hard segment, and the third generation PU is biodegradable elastomer. Among them, the first generation PU and second generation PU are required to have the biological stability, namely in the use of the process does not want its degradation, with the tissue engineering of extracellular matrix materials put forward higher requirements, the third generation of biodegradable PU PU, the third generation of PU is in the development stage, has not yet been industrialization, but its application prospect is very good. The commercialized materials and applications of the first generation PU and the second generation of PU.