Thermoplastic elastomers - pure and safe materials in medical applications

Thermoplastic elastomer synthetic materials in medical equipment are widely used in medical practice and are often crucial. They are suitable for many uses, such as infusion bags, components of medical equipment, disposable consumables (such as syringes or catheters) and prosthetic valves such as artificial heart valves, joints and so on. The most important reason for the use of synthetic materials in medicine is still its hygiene -- synthetic disposable materials that can be used instead of other materials for medical devices. Another important reason is its biocompatibility. On the one hand, synthetic materials are harmless to patients. On the other hand, synthetic materials will not affect the environment they use. Synthetic materials are innovative materials that contribute to the development of technology. Although they have been used in medical practice and medical technology, they are still at the initial stage compared with their main application areas -- packaging, building and automotive. However, multifunctional synthetic materials have achieved the best adjustment, from the so-called "intelligent" material manufacturing to the use of artificial organs to meet biomedical needs. Thermoplastic elastomer, a clean and safe material in medical application, has been used in many important fields because of its high purity (low content of extracted compounds), low recycling capacity and low cost. They can also be used to replace latex and PVC materials.