Bandage Compression Can Effectively Improve Swelling After Ankle Joint Injury.

Swelling after ankle joint injury is more common in daily life. If there is no obvious fracture in the emergency patient visit, the doctor usually advises the patient to rest in bed and raise the patient. Oral swelling medication can improve the swelling of the limb. After the above symptomatic treatment measures Swelling can usually be relieved within 2 weeks.

For patients with joint injuries requiring surgery, swelling of the ankle joint is a very troublesome thing. If you miss the best emergency surgery time, most clinicians will wait for the swelling of the ankle joint to subside before surgery. This period of time can be long or short, and as time goes on, fracture reduction becomes difficult.

Clinically used ankle joint swelling and swelling measures include: ice pack + elevation patient, lower extremity air pump, elastic bandage dressing, and an article recently published by Spengler et al. on JBJS to explain the standard scheme of the above three swelling measures, The targeted reduction of the swelling effect of the three measures was found. It was found that the standard elastic bandage compression dressing method can effectively alleviate the swelling after the ankle joint injury and create favorable conditions for the operation preparation.

50 patients with ankle sprain were randomly divided into 3 groups: ice, limb elevation group; bandage compression group; lower limb air pump treatment group. The degree of swelling of the ankle joint after the above measures was measured using the figure-of-eight-20 method recommended by the author (Note 1), and comparison between groups was performed.

The results showed that the swelling of the elastic bandage compression bandage group was most obvious before and after surgery. After two days of treatment, the degree of swelling of the patient before surgery was in the ice, bandage, and lower extremity air pump group were -2.0mm, -11mm. , -0.3mm; after surgical treatment, after 2 days of treatment with the above method, the average degree of edema of the affected limb was reduced in ice, bandage, lower limb pneumatic pump group was +3.5mm, -7.3mm, +5.0mm.

The authors concluded that the compression bandage of the lower extremity bandage has a better effect on the swelling of the ankle joint and is faster, which can be used as a clinically preferred measure. The lower extremity air pump is used to treat swelling after ankle joint injury, and its clinical effect is not better than ordinary ice compress measures. Given its high cost, it is not recommended as a routine measure in the clinic.