Bandage For Fixing And Protection

Bandage For fixing and protection

Is proper use of medical bandages? The following to understand the next:

   1, with cotton or cotton lap on the dressing part of the action pad, in the slim and more bone areas can be more pockets or cotton lap, it is best to wear protective gloves.

   2, the bandage to open the package, take out to place in the room 68-77 ℉, 20-25 ℃ water 1-2 seconds, gently squeeze the bandage to remove the inside contains too much moisture.

   3, bandages need to be wound into a spiral. Each circle overlap 1/2 or 1/3 of the bandage width, wrapped tight but not too hard, shaping at this time the wind ends, the polymer bandage curing the final 30 seconds to ensure that the shape of the face does not move.

   4, high-molecular (orthopedic) bandage curing work about Mo in about 3-5 minutes (depending on the bandage and immersion water temperature). 20 minutes after you can feel the support force.

Bandages manufacturers to introduce the basic functions of bandages, bandages in the family or medical places are widely used, bandages are common medical supplies, generally used for dressing the wound or the affected area, with many different species, the function of the bandage is more comprehensive The

   The most common function of the bandage is used to fix and protect the injured parts of the material, is the necessary surgical medical supplies. The most simple bandage when a single bandage, is made of cotton or cotton, generally used for the body of the limbs, tail, head or chest and abdomen and so on. There is a more responsible point of the bandage for the complex bandage, this bandage function is generally according to the lesion parts and shape made of various shapes of the bandage, the material used by the ordinary single-layer cotton replaced by a double Cotton, the period can also be attached to different thickness of cotton, to increase the thickness of the affected area of the protection, this bandage around the cloth, in order to facilitate the medical staff on the patient's lesion knot fixed, this bandage generally by the back bandage , Chest bandages, eye bandages, abdominal bandages and so on. There is also a special bandage, generally used in the human limbs and joints for fixed use. Medical bandage is a common medical supplies. Medical bandages are usually made of cotton and the use of special technology from the production, applicable to all parts of the body such as the head, abdomen and limbs and tail of the dressing. At the same time medical stretch can also be based on parts and parts of the pain has a variety of different dressing and dressing methods, the common method of wrapping as follows:

     Earlier is the ring bandage method: This is the most basic use of medical bandage banding the most commonly used, generally small wound after dressing are used this method. It also applies to the neck, head, legs and chest and abdomen. Method is: the first lap around a little oblique, the second lap, the third lap to do the ring, and the first lap out of the corner of the ring in the ring, so fixed more firmly. **** with an adhesive paste will be fixed with the tail, or the tail cut into two knot.