Bandage Of The Dressing Method

  Bandage Dressing wounds or parts of the gauze belt, is a common medical supplies, there are many different types.

  The simple one is a single shed, made of gauze or cotton cloth, suitable for limbs, tail, head and chest and abdomen. Complex bandage is made of various shapes and shapes of the bandage, the material for the double-layer cotton, which can be caught in different thickness of cotton, surrounded by cloth, so knot fixed, such as eye bandages, back bandage, front Chest bandages, belly bandages and bandages. Special bandage in the limbs and joints for fixed use.

  Bandage Ring wrap method

For smaller limbs or cylindrical parts, such as hands, feet, wrist and forehead, also used for a variety of dressing at the beginning. Bandage up, with the right hand to hold, the bandage to expand about 8cm, the left thumb will be the headband of the bandage need to be fixed parts, the right hand continuous ring banding part of the volume as needed, with a cloth fixed bandage end.

Spiral bandage method

For the approximate circumference of the area, such as the upper arm, fingers and so on. From the far end of the first ring wrap two volumes, and then to the proximal end of the 30 ° angle spiral wound, each volume overlap before the roll 2/3, the end of tape fixed. In the first aid lack of bandages or temporary fixed plywood when the bandages do not cover each other, said snake-like bandage method.

Spiral reflex bandage method

For the circumference of different parts, such as the forearm, calf, thigh, etc., began to do two weeks of ring bandage, do helical dressing, and then hold the thumb in one hand above the middle of the tape, the other hand from the point of Fold down, cover the previous week 1/3 or 2/3. Each fold should be neatly arranged in a straight line, but each reflex should not be in the wound and bone bulge.

  Bandage "8" shaped bandage method

For the shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, and other joint parts of the bandage and fixed clavicle fracture. To the elbow, for example, first in the middle of the joint ring 2, bandage first around the joints above, and then by the flexor around the lower part of the joints, over the body back to the limb flexion and then around the joints around the above, so repeated, Was "8" word continuous in the joints up and down dressing, each volume and the previous volume overlap 2/3, and finally in the top of the joint ring wrap 2 roll, tape fixed

Backpacking method

For the head, fingertips and limb stump, for a series of left and right or back and forth backpack, will be covered all parts of the dressing, and then ring for two weeks.