Bandage Properly Adjusted

Bandage Properly adjusted

What are the characteristics of medical bandages? The following and gauze bandage manufacturers to understand the next:

   The role of medical bandages in medical care is to properly adjust the temperature and humidity of the wound, reduce complications and prevent the wound from injury and to prevent the natural healing process of infection, so that the injured feel comfortable. Wounds to maintain a certain degree of humidity is conducive to the proliferation of skin cells to accelerate the wound healing. In the healing process of the wound, the wet environment prevents the wound from scarring due to shrinkage.

   The initial bleeding of a large number of body fluids easily lead to bacterial infection, the bandage can absorb body fluids to prevent infection. Different types of wounds are different for bandages. The ideal high-tech bandage should meet the requirements as follows:

   ① in the wound and bandage at the interface to keep a humid environment to accelerate the healing of the wound;

   ② can effectively absorb the wound exudate the liquid and remove toxic substances;

   ③ have a certain flexibility, so that after the wound dress feel comfortable;

   ④ can block particles or toxic stains to keep the wound from infection;

   ⑤ non-toxic, non-sticky, in the replacement of bandages do not stick wounds, do not produce new trauma;

   ⑥ can withstand a variety of disinfection without deterioration;

   ⑦ allow air exchange;

   ⑧ provide adiabatic effect;

   ⑨ to prevent secondary infection.

   At present, medical bandages are divided into general care bandages and hemostatic bandages. Various functions of the bandage due to the use of different purposes and occasions, the structure is also ever-changing.

  Is it really safe to use medical bandages? Below to understand the next:

   1, with cotton or lap on the dressing part of the action pad, in the thin and more bone can be more than a few cotton lap or lap, it is best to wear protective gloves.

   2, the bandage to open the package, take out to place in the room 68-77 ℉, 20-25 ℃ water 1-2 seconds, gently squeeze the bandage to remove the inside contains too much moisture.

   3, bandages need to be wound into a spiral. Each circle overlap 1/2 or 1/3 of the bandage width, wrapped tight but not too hard, shaping at this time the wind ends, the polymer bandage curing the final 30 seconds to ensure that the plastic surface posture does not move.