Bandage The Purpose Is Fixed

Bandage The purpose is fixed

Injured bleeding and ultimately dressing this, then what is the bandage bandage operation method? Let's take a look together.

With a bandage bandage, the purpose is to fix the cover in the wound gauze, fixed fractures or contusion, and the role of hemostasis, but also to protect the affected area.

Operating essentials

1. Ring method: This method is used for the wrist, limb thickness equal parts. First, the bandage for the ring overlap winding. The first lap around the slightly oblique; second, three laps for the ring, and the first lap out of a corner pressure in the ring circle, and finally with the paste will be fixed with the tail, but also the tail with two head And then knotted.

2. Snake method: This method is used for the fixed plywood. First bandage by ring method winding several laps. According to the width of the bandage for the interval oblique wrapped around or wrapped.

3. Spiral method; This method is used for the same body thickness. First by ring method winding several laps. Wrapped around each lap to cover the front circle one-third or two-thirds of the spiral.

4. Spiral reflex method: This method uses limb thickness ranging. First wound by ring method. To be wrapped around to the rough, the bandage will be folded every lap, cover the front circle one-third or two-thirds. So the bottom up to winding.


1. To make a good bandage is not too tight, nor too loose. Otherwise it will cause poor blood circulation or loose can not be fixed gauze. If you do not experience, play a good bandage, see the body far there is no cool, there is no swollen and so on.

2. knot, do not in the wound above, do not in the back of the body, so as not to sleep when uncomfortable.

3. In the absence of a bandage and must be the case of emergency, available towels, handkerchiefs, bed sheets (torn into a narrow strip), long nylon socks, etc. instead of bandage dressing.

Therefore, we must learn the correct way to bandage, do a good job in hemostasis, for the treatment to help. Medical bandages in the surgical use is mainly used for dressing damaged wounds, to prevent wound bleeding infection, in the use of orthopedic trauma is to prevent the medical splint off, so that the medical splint in the patient fracture firm fixation. Medical use of the bandages and medical bandage precautions can not be ignored, not any injury can be bandaged with medical bandages.

Medical bandages before use, we must pay attention to the patient's injury situation, in the medical bandage precautions, the patient's injury site without the possibility of swelling can be used. In the operation, because some special bandage will be attached to the exposed skin or clothes, so the medical staff operation, be sure to bring protective gloves, to prevent bandages attached to the hands of health care workers. Some bandages in use will produce some heat, the patient may feel uncomfortable, this bandage winding more, the greater the heat, so according to the patient's ability to adapt, choose the appropriate dressing method. Be sure to type the patient, do not wet the medical bandage, bandages in the wet case, has been wrapped in the skin, will lead to skin does not adapt, uncomfortable. Use of medical bandages