Basic Principles Of Bandages

Bandages is in treatment process in the for control bleeding, and fixed external with **, and limit patients mobile of in medical aspects most common of medical supplies, bandages also has many different of type, for example no spinning cloth since stick elastic bandages, medical with no spinning cloth breathable bandages, medical with cotton since stick elastic bandages and so on, although bandages of type diverse, but using bandages are is need comply with must of principles of.
Basic principles of bandages
Used medical bandage, injured need to sit or lie down. Use bandages for medical treatment of medical personnel to the extent possible standing or sitting in front of the victim, side begin dressing from the wound. Must follow when dressing from the wound inside to outside package, from below to above the wound package. At first recognized the need to address before you begin dressing the wound has support in the right places. Injured lying in State, wrapped through knees, backs and other natural depression naturally winding through it.
Tight bandage should be based to a fixed external **, controlling bleeding, prevent movement but does not interfere with normal blood circulation principle. And after need to be checked often, not because of tissue swelling and bandages must be determined to tighten. If you need to cover the limbs, need to show fingers or toes to check blood circulation. If it is to control bleeding, last place bandages tied above the external application **. If it is trying to fix the body, knotted in front of the uninjured side; if you were wounded on each side should be kinks in the central body. To tie a knot to secure the bandage, be sure to knot!