Can A Transparent Wound Dressing Take A Shower? 5 Points For Using Medical Transparent Dressings.

5 points for using medical transparent dressings:

1. Pay attention to cleaning the wound before use. Do not leave any foreign objects in the wound position. For example, some small particles, etc., should not let them stay near the wound. In the case where the foreign matter is found to be serious, be careful not to take out the foreign matter by yourself. So as not to cause a lot of bleeding, ** a good way is to seek medical attention immediately.

2, if it is burns or burns, mainly to first cool down, so as not to further spread the damage to the deep. It can be rinsed with water for at least ten minutes, and then the wound is wrapped with a sterile non-adhesive dressing. In case of serious conditions, go to the hospital immediately.

3, for chronic wounds that can not heal within a month, such as pressure sores and venous ulcers, need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected, then wrapped with sterile dressing to effectively prevent the wound from being infected, and can help accelerate the wound The speed of healing.

4, to avoid unnecessary damage to the wound during the healing process, such as compression, friction or dressing allergies, etc., once a similar situation is found, it must be taken seriously, rather than let it continue to deteriorate, in this case, The healing of the wound is really unfavorable.

5, that is, the problem mentioned in our title, that is, when using transparent wound dressing, can you take a bath? The answer is not necessarily.

Of course, some people may say that this answer is ambiguous. In fact, it does not necessarily mean that there are different choices depending on the product, rather than being indeterminate.

In the case of wound dressings, some dressings are waterproof, some dressings are not, and some dressings have waterproof function, but they are very sticky, so it is easy to enter the water. In this case, if bathing, it will cause the wound to be water. The effect is unfavorable for wound recovery.

In summary, whether the dressing is waterproof depends on the specific situation, of course, the specific situation is analyzed.