Cast The Basic Meaning Of

Cast The basic meaning of

The casting is a verb, the left and right structure, meaning. From the hand, from the handle. (sh) the ancient weapon. Together, the weapon was thrown. Meaning: throwing. Pinyin: tou, pen painting:  the ministry: the five pens: RMCY.

Basic word editing

Throw, throw, and throw (more to the target) : a basket/a shot (Dan).

Multiple "casting" words

Multiple "casting" words

Jump in: the river. Since ~ net.

Put in, send in: ~ in. ~. ~.

Step 4: go, get in: sleep (find a place to stay). To rush. To rely on. To drop. ~ teacher (from teacher). ~ v.

Hair: ~ shoot. ~ shadow.

Send, deliver: ~ pass. To draft.

A: yes. Phase ~.

At the end of... Before: ~ Ming. (before dark).

Editor in detail

The verb

From the hand, from the armory, the ancient weapon.

Nine word "throw" 2

Nine word "throw" 2


, Ti (throwing), also said to the

The book was written by his book, "the five years of zuo zhao."

Throw me in the peach -- the poem.

Do not throw in the dog bones -- the gift of the gift.

The abyss of investment. -- "the man of chu"

To be a rat and not an organ -- the book of han.

With the weight of the flesh, "the history of the book of shiji wei."

There is a sound of water in the cave. "-- don liu zongyuan (" little rock mountain")

To make a hit -- clear, the name of the party.

To the bone -- "the three of the Wolf."

The compound.

The lone sheep cast the Wolf -- qing xuke's "the war of the millet"

(throwing soldiers at people. Betting (throwing); (throwing food); Throw in the red

Jump in; [throw oneself into]

The light came from the river, han fei zi.

The people who have been in the river, see the people who are trying to cast their babies in the river.

Another example: making the river; Cast jiang; TouJing

Throw out the dump.