Characteristics Of Non-woven Fabric Adhesive Tape

Non-woven fabric adhesive tape compared with traditional repair tape, in use on delicate skin irritation is much smaller, reduce the risk of skin allergies, will not hurt the skin around the wound because of non-woven fabric adhesive tape with a breathable, will not impede air circulation, leaving the skin free to breathe and reduce the possibility of infection. Basic soft non woven breathable tape, more lightweight breathable material, and deconvolution coating to prevent tape adhesive on the back, avoid using unnecessary trouble in the process. In the case of removal without harming the skin when it heals, hair removal cause no pain, do not leave on the skin difficult to remove residue.
Non woven tape on the market range specifications are complete, meet the requirements of different wound. When using non-woven fabric adhesive tape is generally relatively easy to tear off the product, such things should not need to rely on a pair of scissors cut, easy to use and comfortable, excellent compliance. Is in need of attention, non-woven fabric adhesive tape is used to fix wounds gauze and fixation after the operation, not directly to the center of tape affixed to the wound, but after the clean wound, in the case of keep the wound clean and dry since the tape gently fixed to the side away from the Center.