Elastic Bandage A Wrapper For Wrapping

Elastic Bandage A wrapper for wrapping

Elastic bandage is a kind of material that is directly wrapped on the patient's body. The quality of the material will greatly affect the patient's health in the course of use. Therefore, we should use the appropriate elasticity, Breathable, easy to use elastic bandage, which will help the patient's body to recover. Choose a good quality elastic bandage is the key, then the next step should be how to use, is also a key link, because sometimes even if the elastic bandage no matter how improper operation will bring the patient does not adapt to the feeling, You should explain how to make the correct use of elastic bandage it:

Before operation, the operator must use disposable gloves to avoid direct contact with the patient's wound to cause wound bacterial infection.

Second, the use of the wound should be seen when the patient's condition, if the wound is too swollen is not suitable for the use of elastic bandages, we should pay attention.

Third, open the package and soak it in the water for a few seconds, this is to make it play a better effect. Water temperature is generally 25 degrees is appropriate.

Fourth, the bandage should pay attention to a good tightness, not too tight, airtight will worsen the wound, too loose, then it will make dust or other foreign body into the wound, more conducive to wound healing and recovery. And should be based on the patient's comfort on the elastic bandage to make appropriate adjustments. A common type of medical supplies for elastic bandages. Elastic bandage is usually made of cotton and gauze using a special process for the production of the body for various parts such as the head, abdomen and limbs and tail of the dressing. At the same time can also be stretched according to the location and location of the pain has a variety of dressing shape and dressing methods, the common method of wrapping as follows:

     Earlier is the ring bandage method: This is the most basic band of elastic bandage in the most commonly used, generally small wound after dressing are used this method. It also applies to the neck, head, legs and chest and abdomen. Method is: the first lap around a little oblique, the second lap, the third lap to do the ring, and the first lap out of the corner of the ring in the ring, so fixed more firmly. **** with an adhesive paste will be fixed with the tail, or the tail cut into two knot.

    Followed by snake-like bandage method: used in the fixed on the plywood. Method is: first elastic bandage ring method wrapped around a few laps fixed, and then according to the width of the elastic bandage for the interval of the oblique wrapped around or wrapped around.

    Finally, the spiral bandage method: This elastic bandage method for many times for the thickness of the place are almost, such as arms and so on. The wrapping method is to first use the ring dressing method for dressing, and then in accordance with each lap in order to move forward one-third or two-thirds of the way to bandage, thus forming a spiral.