Elastic Bandage An Important Component Of The Medical Profession

Elastic Bandage An important component of the medical profession

Medical gauze bandage as an important part of the medical industry, in the production, its quality requirements are higher, and in the use of the process has a high efficiency. It is mainly used for dressing wounds, to prevent the role of infection. Medical gauze bandage is how to use it? The following details for you to introduce it

  1, medical staff should wear protective gloves before use;

2, will be or other items as a cushion pad in the dressing site;

3, in the use of medical gauze bandage, placed in room temperature water 1-2 seconds, the excess water;

4, the last is the spiral winding method of winding, not too tight can not be too loose, so as not to aggravate the condition or did not play any effect.

Medical gauze bandage with flexibility, can play a fixed role, is the orthopedic patients at the fracture of the external bandage, fixed a necessary medical materials. When we use, we should choose high-quality medical gauze bandage, according to the correct method of dressing.

The so-called fracture, as the name implies, refers to the structure of the bones or bones completely or partially broken. More common in children and the elderly, young people have also occurred. In the event of fracture must not tamper with, to prevent more serious dislocation. Be sure to let the professionals dress up. What is the proper use of medical gauze bandages?

Below the Henan Ruike Xiao Bian detailed to tell you about the use of medical gauze bandage before opening the seal after the first bubble in the room temperature of the water, just 10 seconds to remove the general water temperature control at 20 degrees is appropriate, and then Force the remaining moisture in the bandage thrown out. We use the medical gauze bandage to pay attention to how much to split on how much, do not split, because after the break will not use the bandage hardened, the next use or can no longer use, which resulted in unnecessary waste. In the bandage, the most critical is not too tight, because it will cause the patient's blood is not in circulation, uncomfortable, will not help the wound recovery and healing.

Medical gauze bandage can be processed from medical gauze block, bandage can play an excellent fixation of broken bone, with safflower oil and bone water and the like can make the bone to speed up the recovery. In addition gauze bandage must be done before the use of disinfection work. Dressing method, the common dressing method is as follows:

The first is the ring bandage method: This is the medical gauze bandage law in the most basic and most commonly used, usually a small wound after the dressing are used this method. It also applies to the neck, head, legs and chest and abdomen. Method is: the first lap around a little oblique, the second lap, the third lap to do the ring, and the first lap out of a corner of the ring ring, so fixed more firmly. Finally, with the stick paste will be fixed with the tail, or the tail cut into two knot.

Followed by snake-like bandage method: used in the fixed on the plywood. Method is: first bandage ring method wrapped around a few laps fixed, and then according to the width of the bandage for the interval of the oblique wrapped around or wrapped around.

Finally, the spiral bandage method: This medical gauze bandage method for many times for the thickness of the place are almost, such as arms and so on. The banding method is to use the first way to wrap the ring bandage, and then in accordance with each lap in order to move forward one-third or two-thirds of the way to bandage, thus forming a spiral.