Elastic Bandage By Position And Shape

Elastic Bandage By position and shape

Elastic bandage is used to fix or protect the injured parts of the operation, is the shell of the essential products in surgery, the simplest is a single bandage, is made of polyester gauze or cotton cloth, suitable for limbs, tail, Head and chest and abdomen. Complex bandages are made of various shapes and shapes of bandages, the material for the double-layer cotton, which can be sandwiched between different thickness of cotton, surrounded by cloth, in order to knot fixed, such as eye bandages, back bandage, front Chest bandages, belly bandages and bandages. Special bandages in the limbs and joints for fixed use.

Which is viscose gypsum bandage, the goods with powder calcined gypsum, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl acetate emulsion made a certain concentration of homogenate, evenly coated on the gauze, drying, cutting bandage. For orthopedic fracture fixation, deformity correction, inflammatory limb brakes, bone tuberculosis, bone tumors and bone and joint angioplasty, limb fixation and mold model production. This product curing time control, hardness, drying time fast, adaptable, high temperature, alpine, non-toxic, no stimulation, no allergies.

The main products are the following categories:

1, plastic bandage medical plastic bandage with low softening point, non-toxic synthetic resin coated on the surface of cotton yarn and made. This bandage can be softened at about 60 ℃ deformation, fixed at about 35 ℃ molding. In the treatment, as the case with hot water, hair dryer or oven heating bandages and wrapped in the affected area, after cooling to achieve the desired purpose of fixed molding. Such products are mainly produced by South Korea, not only occupied the Asian market, and exports to Europe and the United States and other Western countries, although China's market introduction of products, but the price is more expensive and has not yet been a large area of promotion and application.

2, orthopedic bandage This elastic bandage has two models, with aluminum splint used for the treatment of finger fractures, joint sprain, dislocation and arthritis, and reduce pain. Orthopedic bandage can use a warp knitted fabric, raw materials for natural fibers, mineral fibers, special fibers, high strength glass fiber, carbon fiber, aromatic polyamide fiber or composite filament, short fiber. In some cases, the fibrous product / metal support may replace some or all of the gypsum and may be cleaned, dried, sterilized and recycled in warm water, breathable tissue and soft fill to impart comfort to its use , Is very beneficial to shorten the course of treatment.