Elastic Bandage Parts For Fixed Use

Elastic Bandage Parts for fixed use

Medical bandage is used to fix or protect the injured parts of the operation, is the shell of the essential products in surgery, the most simple is a single bandage, is made of polyester gauze or cotton, for limbs, tail, Head and chest and abdomen. Complex bandage is made of various shapes and shapes of the bandage, the material for the double-layer cotton, which can be caught in different thickness of cotton, surrounded by cloth, so knot fixed, such as eye bandages, back bandage, front Chest bandages, belly bandages and bandages. Special bandage in the limbs and joints for fixed use.

Which is a viscose gypsum bandage, the goods with powdered calcined gypsum, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl acetate emulsion made a certain concentration of homogenate, evenly coated on the gauze, drying, cutting from the bandage. Applicable to orthopedic fracture fixation, deformity correction, inflammatory limb brakes, bone tuberculosis, bone tumors and bone and joint angioplasty, limb fixation and mold model production. This product curing time control, hardness, drying time fast, adaptable, high temperature, alpine, non-toxic, no stimulation, no allergies.

Our company's elastic bandage is made of natural fiber weaving, soft texture, high elasticity, mainly used for surgical dressing care. Elastic bandage is widely used, the body parts of the external dressing, field training, trauma first aid can feel the benefits of this bandage. High elasticity, joint parts after the use of activities without restrictions, no shrinkage, will not hinder the blood circulation or the joint parts of the material transfer material is breathable, will not make the wound condensation water vapor, easy to carry.

For the surgical dressing care, in the treatment of peripheral vascular disease, commonly used in varicose veins after the dressing. Can effectively eliminate the varicose veins, lower limb venous blood reflux disorder caused by swelling, soreness, so that the blackening of the skin gradually turn for the better, ulcer skin healing. So that the degree of twists and turns of the tortuous vein to restore the status quo. In principle, and the effect of elastic socks is the same, but the elastic socks prices higher.

The role of medical bandages in medical care is to properly adjust the temperature and humidity of the wound, reduce complications and prevent the wound from injury and to prevent the natural healing process of infection, so that the injured feel comfortable. Wounds to maintain a certain degree of humidity is conducive to the proliferation of skin cells to accelerate the wound healing. In the healing process of the wound, the wet environment prevents the wound from scarring due to shrinkage.

The initial bleeding of a large number of body fluids easily lead to bacterial infection, the bandage can absorb body fluids to prevent infection. Different types of wounds are different for bandages. The ideal high-tech bandage should meet the requirements as follows;

① in the wound and bandage at the interface to keep a humid environment to speed up the wound healing;

② can effectively absorb the wound exudate the liquid and remove toxic substances;