Elastic Bandage Quality Requirements

Elastic Bandage Quality requirements

Medical gauze bandage as an important part of the medical industry, in the production, its quality requirements are higher, and in the use of the process has a high efficiency. It is mainly used for dressing wounds, to prevent the role of infection. Medical gauze bandage is how to use it? The following details for you to introduce it

1, medical staff should wear protective gloves before use;

2, will be or other items as a cushion pad in the dressing site;

3, in the use of medical gauze bandage, placed in room temperature water 1-2 seconds, the excess water;

4, the last is the spiral winding method of winding, not too tight can not be too loose, so as not to aggravate the condition or did not play any effect.

What are the commonalities and differences between medical gauze and bandages?

Now the market is often used in medical items, many friends buy their own time sometimes can not tell the medical gauze and bandages, and some friends in order to facilitate the direct mix of two. In fact, they each have their own purposes, and today we summed up the combination of the two common and the difference between the two to facilitate the identification.

1, medical gauze and bandage material is the same;

2, medical bandages in the use of direct contact with the wound;

3, in the medical bandages are not sterilized, and medical gauze are sterilized;

4, the most obvious difference is that the shape is not the same, medical gauze is a few layers stacked together, and medical bandage is a layer.

Of course, the hospital there are medical gauze bandage, medical gauze bandage is the orthopedic patients at the fracture of the external bandage, fixed a necessary medical materials. When we use, we should choose high-quality medical gauze bandage, according to the correct method of dressing.

In the winding bandage, winding winding can not be too tight, because it will cause the patient's blood is not in circulation, uncomfortable, will not help the wound recovery and healing.

I believe that through the introduction of the above, we have a medical gauze and bandages have more understanding, the future will not worry about buying the wrong Oh.